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Tips When Buying or Selling a House During Coronavirus

Buying or selling a house during the Coronavirus pandemic may feel more challenging – but it’s not impossible. At Eric Craig Real Estate, we want you to feel comfortable and confident about your health during all aspects of your real estate transaction. 

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A few more safety concerns are an addition to the mix of must-dos. And with the economic uncertainties and quarantine measures in place, many people don’t know whether to buy, sell, or wait. Here are a few tips when buying or selling a house during the Coronavirus pandemic:

Tips for buyers

Although it’s scary to get out and check for real estate, you can still stay safe. The industry has adopted some measures to minimize exposure of the virus.

  • Virtual showings are more common

Most real estate agents are conducting their businesses virtually. Sellers are now offering virtual tours to provide an in-depth glimpse of the property. Thanks to drones and phones, people can view houses in the comfort of their homes. A live virtual tour is also an opportunity to ask questions. What’s more, buyers can ask the agent to zoom in on a spot, take a step back, open the closet door, etc. This will help get a grasp of:

  • The home’s curb appeal
  • Surrounding neighborhood
  • Specifics within each house
  • Talk to several real estate agents

You should establish a human connection with an agent who understands your needs. These are the people to talk to if you want to find the right property in a specific neighborhood. They will also help you search for a property that has the best amenities to give excellent value for money.

  • Hand sanitizers and mask additions

Buyers should use hand sanitizers and wear protective masks as they go on a walk through. As well, disinfecting wipes are useful in some instances.

  • Teleconferencing and e-signing programs

There are many e-signing programs that can help you sign contracts without meeting with the agent. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, you can ask the agent to help you get all the questions answered before you close the deal.

Tips for sellers

Here are some ideas to help you sell your home and click here to get a FREE  Market Value of your Home:

  • The agents can pre-vet buyers

There’s an unnecessary risk of allowing unqualified leads to get into your home. Therefore, agents should double-check if the house is a good fit and if proper financing is available. Additionally, prior to showings, everyone could quickly go through screenings to determine whether they have exposure to the virus or not.

  • Spot-clean after showings

After showings, a seller should spot-clean the house to create a safe environment. This is helpful for yourself as well as potential buyers. Specifically, you should pay attention to frequently touched surfaces. It is also OK to ask for minimal touching of surfaces.

  • Safe in-person meetings

The real estate office should use precautions for anyone entering for meetings. Extra cleaning will help keep surfaces ready for the next client. Additionally, masks may be a requirement depending on each situation.

There’s no doubt buying or selling during a pandemic can be a bit more difficult than usual, but transactions are still happening thanks to technology. 

Buying or Selling a House During Coronavirus is not only possible, it can be easy when everyone, including agent, buyer and seller all take necessary precautions. We offer professional and courteous service

Call Eric Craig Real Estate Team at (816) 726-8565 for all of your real estate needs at any time!

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